About Gene

Credible. Compelling. Clarifying.

When you have a significant story to tell, an important message to deliver, or a complex lesson to teach, I enable your audience to absorb it with ease.  

I’m an explainer.  A teller of truths and a deliverer of “a-ha” moments.  And I absolutely love what I do.

Once upon a time, I would get in trouble for telling tales… now I’m an ADDY Award-winning voice over artist with a first class recording studio and an expert support staff – we deliver top-tier audio to clients world-wide and we specialize in same-day turnaround of large projects (up to 4 hours of finished narration per day.)

My professional passion for sharing answers is directly tied to my personal history as a life-long asker of questions.  (The kid taking apart your clock radio just to see what’s inside?  Yeah, that was me.)

So, if your audience has questions…  I may be your answer.

Contact me and let’s see if we’re a good match.