About Gene

Credible. Compelling. Clarifying.

When you have a significant story to tell, an important message to deliver, or a complex lesson to teach, I enable your audience to absorb it with ease.  

I’m an explainer.  A teller of truths and a deliverer of “a-ha” moments.  And I absolutely love what I do.

Once upon a time, I would get in trouble for telling tales… now I’m an ADDY Award-winning voice over artist with a first class recording studio and an expert support staff – we deliver top-tier audio to clients world-wide and we specialize in same-day turnaround of large projects (up to 4 hours of finished narration per day.)

My professional passion for sharing answers is directly tied to my personal history as a life-long asker of questions.  (The kid taking apart your clock radio just to see what’s inside?  Yeah, that was me.)

So, if your audience has questions…  I may be your answer.

Contact me and let’s see if we’re a good match.

Current Projects

Recently Completed – Click Links to See Videos Where Available

Training: Roche – Supply Chain Safety Measures

Showcase Video: HP Elite X3

Training – Real Person: Philips

Training: Multi Module – GEVO Diesel Engines

Training – Real Person: DirecTV_Sales Training

Training – Real Person: PwC_Business Continuity

Training: Konica Minolta Outward Associate Image Transfer Course

Training: EMS Textbook

Explainer: Wipro’s AWS Innovation Studio 

Explainer: SureLock Kiosk Lockdown Solution

 Show Promos/Opens/Closes: Voice America Radio Network

Explainer: Chevron Management of Change

Promotional Video: Tsukatani Hamono 

Medical Presentation: Cell-Based Amperometric Biosensor

Awards Announce: Ernst & Young

Corporate Capabilities Video: Sierra Nevada Corporation

Training: Allianz

Marketing Training: Avaya

Training: ABS Port State Control

Live Announce:  Memorial Hermman Communication Meeting

Training: Roche

Marketing Video: BW Offshore

Announcer: 2016 Houston Addy Awards Show

Announcer: Transwestern Awards Presentation

Training Video: NRG – Energy Manager

Promotional Video: IHS Vantage

CBT: Schlumberger – Inventory Management Level 2

Explainer: Quick Pay – P-Card

Explainer: FMC Technologies – Temporary Pipe Restraint

Video: St Thomas High School Football Reunion 

Radio: Academy – The North Face

Explainer: Deep Vein Thrombosis Video

Radio: Houston ASPCA

Radio: Academy – College Football Gear up – Oklahoma – Alabama – Clemson

Explainer: Harsco – Rail Grinding Video

CBT: PriceWaterhouseCoopers “GIPS Compliance”  Training

CBT: PriceWaterhouseCoopers “Big Picture”  Training

CBT: AIG Benefits “Travel Assist” Website

Audiobook: The District Manager: The World Would Be Better Off Without Some People

CBT:  Introduction to GED Testing

CBT: Rapaflo Salesman Training

CBT: Waste Management Safety Training

Radio Campaign: Reading Health Urgent Care

Audio for Video: University of Houston Arrival Awards

CBT: NBC Universal – Sochi Olympics – What You Need to Know

Radio Campaign:

Academy Sports and Outdoors – Black Friday

Academy Sports and Outdoors – St. Louis Cardinals

Audio for Video:  Moms Against Cancer

CBT: Juvenile Delinquency

CBT: Canadian English Essay Writing College Course

Audio For Video: BW Offshore – Trade Show Overview

Audio for Video: Halliburton – ESTMZ

TV VO: Academy Sports and Outdoors – Black Friday

CBT: Aegis Training

Instructional Videos: Baylor College of Medicine

Promotional Video: MD Anderson Cancer Center

CBT: Accounting and Auditing Fundamentals

CBT: Explore Healthcare Career Options

Radio and Television VO: Academy Sports and Outdoors – Back to School

Audio for Video: Baker Hughes – Completion Leader

CBT: AstraZeneca Open Payments Training

Audio for Video: EXXON/Mobil 2013 Shareholder’s Meeting

PowerPoint Audio: EXXON/Mobil Ergonomic Training

Radio Station Promo and ID’s: KVVP – Country 105-7

Awards Presentation: Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Audio for Video: Centerpoint Energy

CBT: LEED for Construction Management

 CBT: Nursing Informatics

Radio Campaign:

Academy Sports and Outdoors – San Antonio Spurs

Awards Presentation:

Rotary National Awards for Space Achievement

Audiobook: On Balls Alone: What You Can Learn From the Book Moneyball to Help You Be More Successful 

Space Foundation Profile Video:  Sally Ride & Neil Armstrong

Audiobook: Play Fast! Win Big! What You Can Learn from the Fastest Team in College Football, the Oregon Ducks

Industrial Narration: Lloyds Register

Awards Presentation: Transwestern

Industrial Narration: MicroSeismic

CBT Training: Roche

CBT: Professionalism in the Workplace

CBT: JavaScript


Audio Demos:


Thousands of radio and TV commercials recorded for national, regional, and local clients., including:


Thousands of hours of training and e-learning audio for dozens of companies, including:

  • Chevron
  • HP
  • Office Depot
  • DHL
  • BMC Software
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Aker Kvaerner
  • Transocean
  • Schlumberger
  • Haliburton


32+ Anime videos

10+ audiobooks

Narration for feature-length and multi-part television documentaries, including this one.



Gene Tognacci

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